Not a good place to live!

 Katie Ruzzi
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Star Rating 1/31/2010
I have lived in High Point for nearly two years and found it to be the dirtiest place I have ever lived. The apartment complexes new or old in this area are out dated, the properties are not well kept and it does not seem to bother the residence of High Point. There always trash around the properties, dirty stairwells, and rotted door and window framings. I have visited some subdivisons and they were dingy as well. Some people toss garbage out their automobiles like animals.

I have found the grocery stores that are supposed to be high-end sell food that is questionable. The school system seems to be an issue for most parents I have spoken with. Some parents have to report other addresses so their kids can go to a better school.

I notice a lot of the residence lack education and have no intentions of addressing this problem. Racism is an issue here as well. I have experience on many occasions when I would hand my credit card or cash to a cashier, the cashier or clerk would put my card or change on the counter. I found myself explaining to that person how rude it is to not return the payment the way it was given.

I am leaving High Point once my lease expires and will not recommend this area to anyone. Lastly, the job market is nonexistent if you have a degree or more experience than the HR employee you will not get a job. Many of the supervisors and or managers are 99.9% Caucasian, no degree and related.

This is a backwards area please do not waste your time!



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