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"cost of living"

cost of living - 2/25/2006
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cost of living to high & wages to low.

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Michael & Zippy
Lumberton, MS

Jobs? - 3/25/2014

There is always some type of employment opportunity here in Mississippi. You just have to be open minded and look at all the possibilities. Sometimes a change in lifestyle helps. Living within your means is the main key to success here.

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Hattiesburg, MS

Hattiesburg The Hub City - 10/26/2013

I just recently moved back to Mississippi from TN. I lived in Jackson before my move to TN and it was decent. I am looking to move from Hattiesburg because it is really small and not widely diverse. I would love also to be in a city that has a wide array of things to do, Hattiesburg is very limited. Hattiesburg is really a place to maybe retire if you want a slow pace southern as southern can get down home feeling. I'm not there yet..The people here just kind of stay to themselves unless you are family or friends through school. I haven't found them to be as friendly and welcoming as TN. This is not a bad thing but I have been living in my apt for over two years and I really don't know my neighbor across the breeze-way. It's more of an hi and bye kind of way of living. I would love to see more art museums and cultural events but that really doesn't happen here. Hattiesburg sits right between Biloxi and Jackson..so, it's really like a small town with hotels inbetween so you can rest and keep on moving if you weren't born and raised here. Seriously if you need a peaceful place to retire and live off a major highway in towns such as Petal, MS or Seminary, MS then this is the place for you. If you are ready to go out and tear up the town..you may want to rethink this spot and head on to Jackson the capital city of Mississippi or Biloxi for a view of the Gulf Coast and several casinos. I'm here to learn more about the culture and cost of living in cities such as, Miami Beach, New York, Dallas, Atlanta,to name a few...

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Jackson, MS

Mississippi: The South's Most Hospitable State - 7/25/2012

Mississippi as a whole has a wonderful quality of living. It is a very nice place for a person to live in after retirement.

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Canton, MS

Life in Mississippi is not bad at all. - 6/14/2012

LIfe in Mississippi isn't bad @ all. On a over all scale you can get alot out of Mississippi. Family life here is wonderful for raising children. There are pros and cons in every city and state that you live in or visit. I am originally from PHILADELPHIA PA. Talk about crime!!!!! I have stayed in Atlanta and there are plenty of illiterate people there with very little education as well as gangs etc...etc. However Atlanta has it's benefits and perks too, so I won't sum negativity in a nutshell for them. Life is all about choices, and what you make it to be. I also lived in Miami Florida, and life was alright there however the negatives of the city not the state out weighed the bad which is why I relocated to Ms in which by the way, make alot more money than I did in Miami where they want you to speak spanish to even get a 8$ job per hour and thats with a degree. Some places are totally overated, and my advice to anyone moving to the south or to Northeast. Do your research and visit 1st before making a hasty decision to moving some where you will be disappointed. Missisippi has treated me better than any other huge metropolitan area I have mentioned above. With that being said make any experience your own. My kids excell well here we are in the madison area, and they are very cultured and diverse, because my husband and I instilled those qualities in them. You can't depend on any state to give you every thing, some things must simply be your own when it comes to quality of your life. Peace and Blessings Happy Mississipian.

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Lauderdale, MS

Being a liming - 8/18/2011

In Mississippi you must conform to a one track view and way of life the churchs . And the people are hateful unless you belong to there church and beliefs 100%. Nothing to do here, living in the 1900s.

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Biloxi, MS

Politicans, Businesses, Healthcare, Working Condit - 11/14/2010

I was in the Gulf Coast (South Coastal Mississippi) in 1976, and am back now since 2006. There truly isn't much changed, outside of more large casino's. I cannot figure out why the cost of living is so high, it's outragious compared to the realities of living here, services and offerings. Housing cost is outragious compared to wages, jobs and labor conditions are 20-30 years behind times (workers have no rights). Businesses down here are in "LALA Land", as far as prices for goods, services, vehicles and housing go's. NOTHING HAS REALLY CHANGED SINCE I BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE HERE IN 1976, while in the USN. In November 2010, housing, food, utilities, electric, gas, basic living items are outragiously priced. Currently there is over 500 empty houses setting in just Jackson county alone. Yet realitors are still trying to sell at near "pre recession prices", the same with car dealers, mortgages companies, banks and businesses, "Its like ignore it, it will go away". Politics down here are ALL the "bubba system". Just think, if Haley Barbour (Miss Governor), really did get elected, or even run for the presidency (He's talking about it and campaigning). The class structure is so wide that, most of the USA citizens, would be ashamed of themselves, speaking of "upper class-rich, and lower class working poor-poverty ratio's". You notice there is not alot of ACCURATE information reported by the state or local governments. This state is rated dead last in all catagory's Worst education, Most Poverty, Lowest Income, No real services to residents, Worst healthcare, Most without healthcare, Highest healthcare cost, lowest longivity rate in age, higher state/local taxes than other southern states etc... Where does all the money go, residents ask, all the time. People are leaving the coast at 11-15% yearly, they are not coming back. I cannot understand why the politicans have not been thrown/voted out of office, and the US Government has not did a full scale investigation of the state, and most local governments. Just after Katrina, Mississippi could not account for over 500 Million dollars+ it received for Katrina aid. During this period Jackson, Mississippi built a new Government Center, Court House and Jail (well over 350 million), while the coast got the "crums". The most dishonest, covertly racist, economically divide state in the USA. Why am I here you may ask, I have a job, living week to week, and the recession has taken a heavy toll on me and my family. I am s

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Picayune, MS

Beautiful but Poor - 6/19/2010

MS is a gorgeous state, but where I live it's hard to make a living to support my lifestyle, which is NOT extravagant. Our utilities are high, our property taxes are high, and we also have State income tax. If you're retired and/or have a comfortable income, it's a beautiful place with very friendly people.

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Long Beach, MS

the third world inthe US - 6/18/2010

i am in total agreement here=this writer =who wrote about Gulfport= has put it best 20 years behind here in health care'/ education next to nothing provided for poor people=most other places i have lived as a partially disabled low income person there have been food banks clothing banks etc. i have lived in Pennsylvania and Virginia =specifically Virginia Beach i am forced to be here now= but i long for the day when i can return to Lancaster county PA i cannot believe how bad the clinics for poor folks are=it is alike a third world country=it is dirty here i suppose because it is a Caostal area but it also appears many people have no pride about what their homes look like- it is uinreal how many people live in shacks that would not be allowed elsewhere would be condemend else where hard to belive this is opart of America

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Clinton, MS

MS Climate - 12/29/2009

The climate here can get very humid at times. It makes day trips uncomfortable. If climate is a top concern for you don't move here.

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Clinton, MS

race - 11/27/2009

A good place to be from 50 years ago. The best way to view Jackson is in your rear view mirror.

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Ocean Springs, MS

Mississippi voting party registration - 10/17/2009

This applies to all voting in Mississippi, one cannot register as a member of any party. We have open primarys where Mississippian's chose to vote in a party primary as they arrive at the polling site. Voting in the Republican primary one election and the Democrat primary on the next is a common occurrence driven more by the candidates for a particular office. For instance, one may have voted in the Democrat presidential primary since the Republican race was decided or uninteresting, then voted for the Republican candidate in the general election. Then the following year, the same person may vote in the Republican primary for mayor where only one Democrat may have entered, then vote for anyone in the general election. In truth, most Mississippians are independent conservatives with small memberships in the Republican or Democrat Parties being the norm.

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Southaven, MS

Southern heat - 6/6/2009

I have lived in MS all my life, and the summers are almost unbearable. The humidity will truly take your breath away...even at 7am in July and August.

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Sacramento, CA

Looking for a new home - 3/27/2009

Wanting to move somewhere and be happy.

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Flowood, MS

MS - 6/27/2008

The people are great!

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Hamilton, MS

very small town but not bad - 12/27/2007

This is a very small town, in fact Sperling doesn't even have it in the list of towns in Mississippi. It is near ColumbusAFB and Columbus, Ms. We are a military family looking for a nice little town with decent schools(for Mississippi, anyway. Many people have never heard of it and it is really convenient to Columbus and Tupelo and the houses are very reasonably priced and the area is not overcrowded. Idon't plan on stayinghere anylongerthan theMilitarysays,butall in all it is not a bad place, could use more recreation other than fishing or hunting. People are very friendly and welcoming to outsiders.

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Tupelo, MS

If you love to sweat, move to Mississippi - 8/24/2007

The worst thing about living in Mississippi is the heat and humidity. The cost of living is low and it is less crowded than other parts of the country, but the climate cancels out all of the positive aspects.

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Costs relatively low - 6/14/2007

Cost of living in the state of Mississippi is approximately 25% lower than the national average.

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Richland, MS

cost of living - 2/25/2006

cost of living to high & wages to low.

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Gulfport, MS

Post Katrina MS - 2/24/2006

I can really only speak for the coast, but down here there is a lot of hope and a lot of promise for growth and prosperity over the next few years while rebuilding and expansion of attractions occurs.

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