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I agree with Ben from Beaverton Oregon because Portland is a great place to live and visit. I am just recently visited Portland in June of 2011 and I just fell in love with Oregon and Portland area and visit oregon other times in the past. Its so green everywhere in Oregon. There tall evergreen trees everywhere. After visiting Oregon its really makes Texas looks like a piece of junk and its so ugly in Texas. I drove up to mount hood and its was just awesome there and there is a huge waterfall 25 miles east of Portland and you have to visit the waterfall because its so neat. The weather was so nice because its cool and comfortable compare to Texas. In texas its so hot and humid which I hate it. There was a few mostly couldy days with a few showers but not long lasting and most of the time its was clear to partly cloudy skys in Portland. I want to move there soon because I like it there a lot and I will feel very lucky to be living there because the quality of life would be so much better than Tx. There is ton of things to do in Portland and around portland, for example hiking, camping, bike riding, skiing, and a lot of sight seeing. I totally disagree with some negative comments about Portland and Oregon because its just a total bullcrap and they should visit Tx and see how bad it is here in Tx because Oregon makes Tx look like a piece of junk big time.



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Bruce B.

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CAVEAT EMPTOR: Your impression results from your visit during the 11 to 14 week period in the summer when it is not perpetually overcast and it is gorgeous here. Having lived here all my life, I can assure you, what you saw is NOT what it is like to live here for the nine to ten months when you can't even see your own shadow.



Why don't you visit for a few weeks in the winter and tell me how much you like it then? Maybe you too will take up smoking, drinking, and drugs like so many of the population there does to counter the gray and gloom!



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