better than most

Star Rating 4/26/2011
south tulsa is very nice and comfortable to live in. lots of parks, recreation,and restaurants. growing pretty decent, not to fast or to slow seems to be just right. also the river parks are very nice and modern and updated. it's pretty neat to go hiking and biking all on the same way to go see a concert, then to just chill out with a nice drink and to dine somewhere on the riverwalk.



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Reviews for Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rayma Cartier
Tulsa, OK
Versatile state
Where else can you find the most earthquakes in the nat...
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Charles Reeves
Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Compared to other places I have lived us Okies have it ...
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Yada Yada
Omaha, NE
The most backwards and ignorant town in America!
Under any circumstances move to this town--I repeat do ...
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chaz smith
Broken Arrow, OK
oklahoma sucks
lisa i agree 100 percent. finally someone agrees. i am ...
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Marie Palmese
Tulsa, OK
Nice place to live.
Many people relocate to Tulsa because of the great pric...
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R Martin
Nashville, TN
Tulsa has its good and bad like any other city
I moved here last year from Tennessee. Tulsa is really...
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