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Star Rating 9/21/2011
The crime statistics is right on the money. Nashville does have a lot of crime. Nashville was also ranked one of the most depressed cities by Bloomberg Businessweek. I believe that is true as well. I knew a number of people on prozac and other anti-psychotic drugs. I think that Nashville is a good place to visit. The crime just makes it unattractive. Also, Nashville has a lot of racism. Interracial couples will not do good there.



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What crime? I have lived here for 12 years and lived in a lot of major cities and Nashville has the least amount of crime. Yeah 10 years ago it was a little worse but the police are everywhere now. Heck you can even go through the projects and ask a thug for directions and he will point you in the right direction. I see black guys with white girls and vice versa daily. Don't get me wrong Nashville isn't that great and I posted a review about my concerns, such as all jobs being $10 an hour, bad bus system, hard for a single person to meet someonet, etc. but crime and interracial dating is not a problem here. This is the only city I actually feel kinda safe in and I am paranoid.



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