Bad vibe living here like doing time

Star Rating 2/2/2017
This place has a bad vibe. Yes there are things to do. There is a list that is popular with people defending Toledo. This is it

Toledo zoo
Toledo art museum
Mud Hens
This is fine but after you do everything Toledo has to offer than what do you do?

It's about vibe. I grew up in Tucson Arizona and that place has a vibe. You could just sit downtown with a friend drink coffee or sip a beer stair up at the mountains and feel content. Interesting people walking by really cute women that are not pasty and fat.

There isn't that feeling here it's ugly rundown no central place to feel like you are part of something.

It's really depressing. The City paper tries to portray Toledo as an up and coming hot spot but it's not.

I look at people here and think why are you here? If you are here then really you don't have anything really going on. Being cool or hip in Toledo is like being less than triple AAA baseball. You can't make it in the big leagues so you settle for this trash heap.

Some have said the price of living is cheap bla bla. I would pay more to live some place have decent.

Perrysburg sylvania Ottawa Hills

All of those people think they are living the good life. They are not really but they live in a bubble. They are Triple AAA too.

I moved here from Tucson because my mom was dying life happened and got stuck. Anyways moving in June and I feel like it's my release date counting down the days.

I heard there are many warlocks and black and white magic going on here. I kinda wonder if it adds to the negative vibe.

Do yourself a favor don't come here it really is depressing



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