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 Cassie Pulley
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Star Rating 11/29/2007
It is a law in every state that in order to live there you need to have the state's driver's license. Fruiltland, is a small community. They have a better school program than the surrounding areas in Payette County. They have received A+ award from the state for their educational programs. It is directly across the border from Ontario, Oregon. They have a great band. School's from around the state recognize Fruitland's band program. Ontario, Oregon also houses the Treasure Valley Community College. The music programs are community based. People come all the way from Weiser, Idaho to participate in these programs. Fruitland is an old town. There are not many places to shop in Fruitland, however, Ontario, Oregon has a Wal-mart, K-mart, Albertson's, and many other basic ammenities with no sales tax. Ontario is where people from Fruitland shop. Fruitland is also famous for the Gayway junction, no, it is not a high traffic area for gays. There used to be a pink bowling alley on gayway junction. Fruitland used to mainly produce apples, however, that agriculture has gone down. Also, Boise, Id is only 45 minutes away. Personally, I think Fruitland, is the better place to live in the Payette County.



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