The real truth about Pensacola

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I grew up in Pensacola and i know all about the crooked politics but at the same time they are crooked because they do not comprehend how to fix the crime and industry. These politicians are called corrupt due to their always being concerned about beach industries. It is an OLD city and being that all of the big money is OLD money. This OLD money refuses to allow outside progress to occur if they cannot control it. In the late 80's Busch inc tried to offer to clean up the extremely large and polluted property that the paper mill rests on. They wanted to open a bottling plant and another theme park. All creating extreme job opportunities and much positive movement for the local economy. But the people who are the OLD money control the politics and hold the true decision making ability. I have not told you about the most important thing about Pensacola. The crime is more in depth than you could ever comprehend! I have traveled all over the world except Asia and have never seen anything like it. You see all of the smuggling that is shipped in from South Florida coming from the Haitians, Orientals, Cubans, Russians, and Jamaicans either have to go through Jacksonville interstate or Pensacola interstate. And these people don’t want the attention that is acquired by going through Jacksonville. Well when these drug lords come through Pensacola they see all the potential for business success and a good posibility that you will get away clean even for murder. So they stay in Pensacola and feed off of the good peoples weaknesses. Hints why the missing persons, murders, robberies, and other crime annual reports are so unbelievably high. This is a good place if you’re willing to make the best of it and now how to handle yourself in difficult situations. It is definitely a place you will get killed in if you don’t avoid certain people +places. As for business if you dont own it then dont bother. Private industry is the basically the only profitable industry. One other thing if you have children whatever you do DO NOT put them in public school. Seek private assistance. This is a place that will make you or brake you when your young. I would say around 25-30% of the people i grew up with are either dead, in jail, or on their way.



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Dalynda F.

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Interesting ... What part of Pensacola were u living ? Or better... Whats school distric ? I'm moving there soon and I have kids.



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