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 Alyson Tackitt
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Star Rating 7/22/2010
Honestly, I like it here! Yes of course the air quality is bad and the weather is very very hot in the summer but truthful it isn't THAT BAD! I have lived here for 13 years and I have been loving it. Your only about 2 hours away from the beach and Los Angeles, also I own three buisnesses and it is going very well!!! Me and my husband live by the Liberty Highschool and my daughter and son love it. They said they wouldn't ask to move schools any day. The teachers here not that bad as some people are saying! And another thing the price to live here is super cheap.. You can buy a pretty nice house here for about 250,000 which in some places that isn't even enough for an apartment with one bedroom and bathroom!! So overall I really like Bakersfield California :)



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