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 Jennifer Penfield
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Star Rating 8/10/2009
It is a mid-sized city. I have lived in this area my entire life (29 years). There is no public transportation and the traffic can create a problem. However, this city has undergone a transformation and downtown has been rejuvenated so there are more cultural opportunites around here. If you are smart, crime doesn't really have to affect you. I've never been worried about my safety. As for the weather, the humidity is pretty bad. Winters are cold but tolerable. This city is really spread out. You have Overland Park, which are the affluent suburbs around here. Kansas City proper is where a lot of people commute to work from the suburbs. Overland Park is a very nice bedroom community but you may find it stale if you like diversity and culture. It seems to be a pretty pet-friendly city and many apartments seem to allow larger dogs in their units, which I love, being a huge dog person.

On a final note, it can be very hard to meet people here since people generally have that keep-to-themselves mentality, at least with strangers. It is not a city where a lot of friendliness abounds. I would say that people here are down-to-earth as compared to a lot of cities I've visited. A lot of people I know that weren't from here made their friends through work. Overall, a decent city but lacking in scenic beauty. We do have a lot of good parks, though.



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shaun r.

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kck does have public transportation! what are u talkin about



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