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Kansas City, KS

Kansas City - Wyandotte Co. - 1/23/2016
Avoid living in Kansas City, KS (Wyandotte Co.) by all means! We made the mistake of moving to this dump. High crime, high unemployment, murders daily, dilapidated neighborhoods, and highest tax area when you can drive a couple more minutes and live in one of the wealthiest counties in the nation (Johnson Co.).

The judicial system is broken here with its revolving door policy for criminals. You can just spend 6 hours in jail for serious crimes and then thrown back out on the street with a court dates months away. Oh here is the best, they let them out of jail and guess what's right across the street? A casino!!! Shame on you Kansas City, Kansas! I cringe at the sight of a jury summons since its in the same area and a disgrace of a sight all around downtown you see when there.

Since I'm on a role I'll tell you about the schools. It's pretty easy as most were unaccredited in the last couple years. You get my drift.

And if you decide to live in Kansas, pay the minimum in state income tax since if your lucky to even expect a refund it may be a voucher!! Yep Kansas is broke so don't risk a voucher instead of your hard earned money owed back to you. I wonder why no decent companies build in Kansas except a few. For being the center of the US you would think much more and the size of Dallas but there is a reason...

So please don't waste your time in Kansas City, KS if your traveling through or especially moving here and make the mistake I did. I'm moving as soon as I can sell. Most live across the river in Missouri and commute if they work in this dreadful place of liquor stores, pawn shops, and payday loaners.

Of course these are my two cents but read the other reviews and I think you'll see something incommon. I've lived in Phoenix, Denver, near Houston, Dallas/Ft Worth, and this is by far the worst place ever!!

Guy 1/24/2016

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