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People in Nashville are very nice to your face. It's what happens behind your face that gives the total picture. If you're not from here, and worse, not from the south, unles you marry someone from here you will always be an outsider. I've lived in a number of non-south locations and never had and problem meeting people and making friends. Here, they say they'll have you over and it never happens. You don't get invited unless you're from here. Especially in the wealthier areas, they all seem to have gone to school together. If you're not Church of Christ or Baptist look out. If you're Catholic and from the north, you may as well have a third eye. Many transplants here that I've talked to agree. The few friends we have made are fellow transplants. If you're ethnic, it's worse yet. Met a Hispanic PhD here who told me he was treated like he was a groundskeeper when at an event at a local club.



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