the good the bad and the ugly

Star Rating 3/21/2009
If you are not into fast living with lose morals then santa cruz is not the place for you if you are young. i can agree with just about everyone on santa cruz. it is pricey to an extreme, there are crazy mountain bikers. politics are wacko and college kids do run ramped. but i do share a lot of political views as the liberals, i love mountain biking and the crazy politics make the town what it is. it is not what it was when my parents were young there but it is still something different and funky. it will always have a special place in my heart. the crime is kinda high but you only really hear the negative. i have never been bothered. some punk kids tried to break into my house when i was little. but before they could help them selves to the tv they realized someone was home and ran. and yeah there are very aggressive bums but you learn how to live with them. and the locals kind of are jerks. unless you are one of them. i honestly think santa cruz could be better but for some reason when ever i leave i find my self wanting to come back...



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