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 Thomas Scianna
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Star Rating 2/16/2012
My family and I moved here in 9/2010 with plans to stay here for a long time. I have a Bachelors degree in Finance and am still looking for a job in my field of study. Unfortunately, no bank or finance company has yet extended an offer. I've had few interviews and hard luck getting my foot in the door with an entry level position. We thought Raleigh was a beautiful city with plenty of opportunity. However, it's anything but that. The people are generally not that friendly and drive dangerously, for example. The taxes here are ridiculously high and we have to pay property tax on our vehicles, too. I work in a restaurant because no employer is willing to at least give me a job as a bank teller. There is definitely a lot of southern "home cooking" here. No one likes you unless you're from the South. I feel like the move to this city was a big mistake. We are thinking of moving to Asheville, but I don't think the grass is any greener there. Good luck finding success and fortune here. It's a disaster. Sorry!



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