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 Rhonda Hill
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Star Rating 3/6/2012
I love Grand Rapids, MI and West MI in general. It's beautiful, low crime (for the most part) and Grand Rapids has a lot of appeal due to cultural opportunities. However and unfortunately, the economy is not good! I feel that it is time for a move. If it weren't for the job situation, I wouldn't move because I do like it here.



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Joseph Cassady
Grand Rapids, MI
i got to go!!!!!!
grand rapids is cool been here 35 yrs and looking to re...
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Susannah Kulczak
Muskegon, MI
Mostly good, BUT....
Lived in Grand Rapids 6 years (moved here for school an...
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Columbus, OH
Once was enough...
If you've never been to Grand Rapids, I can't say I sug...
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joe spreitzer
Grand Rapids, MI
grand rapids . What Fun!
Hello, I recently moved to Grand Rapids from Detroit to...
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shannon Ball
Grand Rapids, MI
Love this town...
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brenda hawkins
Grand Rapids, MI
heath care growth
Health care and health jobs are growing in this area wi...
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