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 Bart Johnson
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Star Rating 6/13/2009
Huntsville sucks. The People "From" there look down their noses at the "Transplant trash" (I have heard this term regularly)who live here in the suburbs. The down town Southern elite vs. us people who are here to work. The rest of the town and surrounding "cities" are just bumpkin trash, who infiltrate the town on the weekends. I was transferred here and have a good job, but I'm moving.



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kristee w.

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WOW as a "transplant" myself I have never heard the term "transplant trash" I think I would look at the people you are hanging out with. Huntsville has a lot to offer. Great shopping, places to eat and things to do I have lived in Germany, Spain, New York, Florida, Kansas and Texas. Out of all those places Huntsville is my overall favorite. I wonder if YOUR attitude is causing some of this negative feed back that you are getting. But truly with your attitude of Huntsville please move on it really doesn't need it.



Huntsville/madison does suck.....I can't wait to move. I hear Bridge St. is bankrupt!



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