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 Annette Randolph
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Star Rating 5/15/2006
I love where I live. I hate that people refer it to "the OC". That old saying holds true here- "You get what you pay for". If you can afford to live in Orange County, you probably will never want to move away.

It is a relatively small county with all the action of Los Angeles, and not as much as the hassel. I couldn't ask for better weather. Lots of sunshine, and lots to do. Orange County can be everything to many different people. We have beach cities, for those who want to be by the beach, we have areas near the hills for those who want to feel "far away". We have award winning communities for families who want to live around people that are like them, ee have cities that are trying to recreate the "urban" feel for those who prefer that kind of living, we have entire gated cities, for those who want privacy, we have shacks and we have mansions and estates, we have countless downtown communities, we have the "historic" areas and we have the pockets of cultural communties.

We have all types of diversity (political, cultural and religous) if you seek it, but if you prefer to live close to people like you, you won't have any problems finding a perfect place to live.

We are 2 hours from LA, San Diego, Big Bear. 3 hours from Mexico, Central CA and 4 hours from Las Vegas.

In all honesty, I don't want more people to move here, but I can't have Orange County all to myself.



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