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 T Kleighton
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Star Rating 3/5/2009
I was born and raised in Duluth.
The winters are brutal; the summers are hot 24-7.
The flying bugs are unforgiving and relentless.
The most god awful place I have ever lived.
If it were not for a few relatives I have left there I would never go back.
Duluth ------NOT!



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Cecile G.

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I also disagree, especially about the summers. Hot? Puh-lease. Many people there do not even have air conditioning in their homes. The average highs in June/July/August are 66, 75 and 74. Lows are 46, 56 an 57. The average lows in Dallas during the summer months are higher than Duluths high temps!. Bugs are bad right before sunset and are gone after the sun goes down. I can't disagree that winters are bad if you aren't into outdoor sports, and are relentlessly long. But it really makes you look forward to spring and summer!



Delisha H.

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I must ABSOLUTELY disagree. My family has lived in Duluth for 8 years and just recently moved to Longview, Texas . We are on our way back. Honey, I have never seen a place so barbaric as here, and we are packing our bags to go back to Duluth. Duluth is the most best place to raise kids, and we did not realize that until we left here. DULUTH HERE WE COME!!!!!



I was born and raised in Duluth as well, have to disagree. I have lived in other areas, in and out of Minnesota, and have always come back to Duluth. I have never found anyplace that compare to the grandeur of Duluth. Duluth is absolutely glorious in the summer. The sun shines, the breezes off the lake are usually cool and you can be outdoors comfortably without too much effort. Duluth is likewise glorious in the winter if you like snow, wind and cold. Duluth is the closest place to a true paradice that anyone can come to.



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