Cheyenne: More people at Walmart at any one time

 Kline Gowen
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Star Rating 1/21/2012
Cheyenne, Wyoming is a place for people who do not believe they are able to succeed, professionally or socially, in a more competitive urban environment. THus they either convince themselves, or believe because they do not know any better, that Cheyenne is a nice place. That there are more people at Walmart at any one time than any other venue in the city, pretty much 24-7, really I think summarizes the quality of life here. And, again, if Texas Roadhouse and one sex partner for the next fifty years is your idea of a good time, this is the place. If you want dating options, attractive people, style, vibrancy, this is the worst place you will ever find. While it is difficult and subjective, applying international standards of physical attractiveness, social diversity and engergy, and venues for meeting interesting people, Cheyenne, Wyoming is by a wide margin the worst place I have ever seen. CHildren can be content with marbles and building blocks: likewise, simple minded boring adults can be content with Walmart and Texas Roadhouse and the same boring people day after day and year after year.

At the end of the day, it's a free country, and people can live wherever they want, and despite the arrogance and stupidity of WYominingites, fewer people want to live in their depressing hick state than any other in the country. You don't like traffic? Then pick a place which sucks and few people choose to live there and you won't have traffic: thus, Cheyenne is for you. But, if you like lots of attractive singles, professional sports, and a daily atmosphere of energy and activity and fun that attracts people, then learn to deal with traffic. The alternative is to live in a shit hole like Cheyenne where right now, tomorrow at this time, and any other time, more people are at Walmart than any other place in the city. My God.



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Michael B.

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I would concur with all of these observations.



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