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 shahzad MALIK
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Star Rating 3/26/2011
I moved to Buffalo about five years ago from long Island. Except the weather everything else is fine. One of the main reasons to move here was the cost factor. you can buy a house for ten thousand dollars and spend another ten or fifteen thousand to renovate it and you are good to go. Back in long Island I paid 1600 rent for a two bedroom apartment. If you do the math that's 19200 per year. I know jobs are scarce in the immediate neighborhood but you can find decent work in the 10-20 mile radius. P.lus, everything is closer. Airport, hospitals, plenty of parks, letchworth state park, and offcourse Niagara falls. If you are a college goer then you have Buffalo university, Buffalo state college, and Erie community college just to name a few. In my neighbor hood, since houses are really cheap, most people own their houses without mortgage so atleast they don't cry like rich folks in affluent neighborhoods.



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