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New York, NY

Save yourself, visit maybe but don't live - 2/17/2021
Crime is still crazy is an UNDERSTATEMENT...things are way out of control. People being assaulted, robbery at gun and knife point, in heretofore "good areas" in the MIDDLE OF THE DAMN DAY....not the same as it was....it's not INSANE. Crime is rampant, and not only in the subway system!!! Thanks, Mr. Mayor for taking $1,000,000,000.00 from the police budget and putting it into basketball clinics, etc.

New York, NY

Don't Move Here...and Here's Why...... - 2/17/2021
I've lived here my entire life and in the last year, since the moronic mayor partially defunded the police by $1,000,000,000.00, and his wife stole $850,000,000.00 to allegedly do something about the homeless/mentally ill problem we have, CRIME HAS NEVER BEEN DO AWFUL. Broad daylight gun point robberies in good neighborhoods - in fact, there have been at least 3 bank robberies in Flatiron/Union Square/Chelsea in the last 6 months alone - you can be assaulted on any street in Manhattan....it is no longer the well known "bad neighborhoods" that you seek to stay out of...the crime has now spread across the entire city. And, the homeless population has grown and many of these are clinically insane - and, they are violent, as well. The streets are not safe, even during the day. Just yesterday, gun point robbery for bike and another one for a cell phone. The other problem is TRASH...New York is DIRTY AND DANGEROUS...oh, and the genius that is the mayor took 100,000,000 from the budge of our sanitation force...so go figure.....don't come here, it's not worth it. We are leaving by April, 2021. This place is not what it used to be....THE CRIMINALS OWN THIS TOWN NOW....sad, very sad.

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