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 Victoria Michaels
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Star Rating 5/4/2009
Small town living is the truth here in Peoria. Not too quick to move forward, Peoria is a nice place to raise a family. The anchor here is Caterpillar, which employs a lot of locals, and brings in people from all over the world for temporary relocation, which brings welcome diversity. A very Christian area, others with different spiritual philosophies are not readily embraced, but progress is still being made. Many try to move Peoria forward, but it just moves a bit slower here. The best part about Peoria is there is rarely a traffic jam. People are nice, and for the most part, very friendly. The worst part is little or no shopping and only a hand-full of good restaurants. So, you stay home more which saves money! The weather is oddly cloudy a great deal of the time. Not necessarily rainy, but the clouds seem to be a norm for this area. I have no idea why! It just is! The season's are felt full on here: Spring is gorgeous, summer is hot, fall is stunning and winter is freakin' cold and snowy, so something for everyone.
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