Pekin, IL

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Pekin, IL

About Pekin, IL

Pekin IL is situated southeast Bloomington on Illinois River full of family friendly fun like bowling at Tazewell Lanes Plus an array of historical sites such as ChiefShinopen Park making it a great spot to learn about Pekin’s past. Mid-sized city - North-central Illinois, 135 miles southwest of Chicago.

Location Details

State: Illinois
County: Tazewell County
Metro Area: Peoria Metro Area
City: Pekin
Zip Codes: 61554
Cost of Living:
Time zone: Central Standard Time (CST)
Elevation: 662 ft above sea level
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Peoria is a pleasant, small community that is one of the oldest cities in the state. It is a business, industrial, and agricultural center known as the headquarters for Caterpillar, Inc. and the heavy-equipment industry. It is also home to the United States Agricultural Research Laboratory. Consistent with its mainstream Midwestern stereotype, life in Peoria is generally quiet. Downtown is clean and unremarkable but has some new entertainment venues, including a new museum center, civic center and high-rise residential units. The Illinois River waterfront is nice, and attractive older residential areas surround the city in the nearby hills.

Cost of living and home prices are attractive, especially on a national scale. The nature of Caterpillar and the equipment business suggests economic cycles. There have been periods of extended economic malaise, but the industrial/commercial base is growing and diversifying. Peoria is home to the 6,000-student Bradley University, and educational attainment is high for a small town. The city is also home to a strong healthcare sector, including three hospitals and the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

Peoria is situated next to the Illinois River in a shallow river valley, surrounded by gently rolling terrain. The climate is continental with typically changeable weather and a wide range of temperatures. Summer is generally pleasant, with some humid periods mid-season. Most precipitation falls in summer, mainly as thunderstorms. Falls are pleasant, with frequent periods of long, warm, dry days. Winter brings a mix of rain and snow. First freeze is late October, last is late April.

Pekin Cost of Living

Cost of living, healthcare, and attractive residential areas make Pekin a great place to live.

-224.2% lower than avg
-35.8% lower than avg
$760 /mo
Monthly rent (2br)
-51.1% lower than avg
Pekin Crime
32 / 100
Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high). US average: 35.4
Minimum annual income
To live comfortably in Pekin, Illinois
for a family
for a single person
Pros & Cons of Pekin
   Cost of living
Economic cycles
   Attractive residential areas
Air service
Reviews for Pekin
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My review is a question to residents of Marshaltown, Iowa. Recent talk is that Pekin, Illinois is getting a Swift Pork processing plant. The residents are restless and  More

   |    Reply

Over 15 years ago

I have traveled and lived all over the world. Pekin rates about in the middle of the places I have lived. Small town atmosphere with some bigger city facilities. The  More

   |    Reply

There is not a whole lot to do unless you want to eat at every fast-food restaurant there is. They do have a very nice public park with volleyball and tennis courts  More

   |    Reply

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