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Burglaries are rampant here. Burglars are fairly safe from law enforcement.

Lebanon Law Enforcement (City Police Department):

City Police Officers spend most of their time with domestic disputes, vandalism and misdemeanor/felony stealing. The remainder of their time is spent clearing teenagers (loiterers) from the local McDonald's/Taco Bell parking lots. Teenagers have had a "cruising" route in the city since the 1950's. Loud automobile exhaust noise, stereos, horn honking and careless driving abound. The city limits is inadequately covered by policemen. They are usually in close proximity of each other and not broken up in zones to cover the entire city at all times. Most domestic disputes and minor accidents draw the entire on-duty force to one location. A railroad occasionally runs through the middle of town. When it does, law enforcement is sometimes caught on one side or the other, until it passes, leaving the other half of our community unattended.

Laclede County Law Enforcement (Sheriff's Department):

Misdemeanor and felony stealing outside the city limits of Lebanon are a daily occurrence. This fact is validated by local newspaper front page articles. Residents go to work, leave their property unattended and thieves steal anything and everything of value. No one is really sure who is doing it. The Laclede County Sheriff's Department has not solved ANY burglaries in recent history. Stolen items include, but are not limited to, the following:


It is very easy to see that the Sheriff's Department is inadequately operated and staffed. Simply, there are not enough Deputies to cover this large county. Generally, there are too many idle Deputies on the day shift. Each is assigned specific areas of responsibility that does not require 100% of their attention. Instead of patrolling the county, they are usually found at the station. It is very easy for a person to drive through the county (56 miles at the farthest points), and never see a Sheriff's Deputy. Oftentimes, there are only two (2) Deputies "on-duty" to cover the night shift on weekends. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is frequently asked to help with county business.



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