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 william agranoff
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Star Rating 6/26/2008
portland is really a neat place! nice people, great food, fantastic old buildings ,and the bridges are really cool.treelovers, this is your heaven. really wonderful fresh air quality! no sale tax , and the rose capital of the world. as for the grey days, the sun usually peaks out of the most wonderful clouds ,you will ever see. places are what you make of it yourself. people adapt,life goes on ...get over the grey and enjoy the comfortable weather. it`s a lot more easy, to warm up,than to cool off. the views are to dye for.close to the sea,not to far from the mountains. it`s just a little too crowed for me. i live in salem ,more laid back,a little more comfortable,less people,and more to my style. portland is less than 40 minutes away...............nice.



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Denise A.

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I am 23 years old and currently live in Chicago.I graduated form college about a year ago and am looking to move to Portland. I enjoy outdoor activities, going out, art, music, and eating great healthy food :) I was hoping someone could give me some feedback on a neighborhood that would be good place to move to in Portland. I would love some advice. Thank you!



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