Florida WARNING! Only half that move to Florida st

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The other half leave, usually a lot poorer and emotionally exhausted. Florida is one of the most traveled to destinations in the world. Because of that, many assume that living there will be similar to vacationing there. That's not always the case.

Moving there, especially if you are selling a home where you live now to buy a home in Florida can cost you a fortune. I have seen people move to FL, buy their dream home then decide they can't stand it there and want to sell, selling for far less than they paid. So couldn't sell at all because the value dropped below what they owed on the mortgage, and that was before the credit crisis. Add in moving cost and a nest egg can get wiped out.

Half the people who move to FL love it. Florida has no income personal income tax and provides it's citizens with asset protection just for being a resident, best in the US! If you are thinking of moving there, you just need to get info to help you decide which group you are likely to be in, BEFORE you move.

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Teresa L.

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his is for suzanne, did you finally move to florida and if so how is the job market, am also a nurse looking to move to florida, just alil worried with all the negative remarks. Write something if you can, thanks



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