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Orlando, FL

Oh, I need to leave. - 8/17/2018
Orlando stinks. Don't bother. If you not opening a business or getting in management, you will have a hard time. Being a cop or a doctor will help, but who wants to be a cop and not all of us is going to be a doctor. It's cheaper to live here, compared to New York, but it's getting bad. The great Florida dream is over.

Florida, FL

Mistake. - 5/16/2018
It hasn't worked out for me, but the same problems in Florida are the same all over the place. You need to own a company or get into management. And we know how that works out for some of us, don't we boys and girls. it's a nice place to visit. And the jobs, suck.

East Meadow, NY

re: Nassau County
- 5/15/2018
Thank for letting me know, going back sometimes doesn't work. There is no point to go back to Long Island.

Orlando, FL

I will destroy the fantasy - 3/2/2018
I moved down here thinking everything was going to work. Well it didn't. If your not making management than you have to open up your own business or get some professional job. Good luck. The company's are making people do part time so they don't have to pay medical coverage. Some jobs want you to be by the phone. YOU HAVE TO GO to collage down here to get a degree is some profession if you want to live down here. The people and the traffic is the same wherever you live. All depends are luck, but the jobs was a nightmare. I would go back to where I once lived and start over again. Visit FLORIDA. Don't live in FLORIDA.

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