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New Hampshire quality of life - 12/9/2011
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No state income tax, few / rare natural disasters (forest fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc) and accessible outdoor recreation make the area attractive.

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Hanover, NH

Low Crime - 2/16/2016

Nice place to live and raise children.

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Derry, NH

Snow - 2/28/2015

Snow iis not a surprise. NH ihas four seasons and each one compliments the natyral beauty of yhis state.

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Hollis, NH

New Hampshire quality of life - 12/9/2011

No state income tax, few / rare natural disasters (forest fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc) and accessible outdoor recreation make the area attractive.

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Hillsboro, NH

New Hampshire a Nice Place to Live - 2/26/2011

NH offers a diversity that you don't find in many areas of the country. You have lakes, mountains, the ocean, you're never too far away from any of them at any one time. New York City is 4 hours away, Boston can be reached in 2 hours from virtually any populated area of the state. As a native in his early 50's, I'm pining for less intense winters, otherwise this is a great state to raise a family, or to retire to if you like winter sports.

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Somersworth, NH

Move elsewhere - 2/23/2011

While New Hampshire is a beautiful state and has everything to offer it is not a place to buy a home unless you are wealthy and can afford to live off the interest of your investments. The property taxes are outrageous because we do not have a state or sales tax. The home owners support the state, period! Vehicle registrations are ridiculous too and you don't have to have automotive insurance...That's right, your not required to carry it unless you get popped for OUI or get into an accident. Because of this the ones who elect to have automotive insurance pay high premiums and if they get hit by an uninsured motorist, you'll be covered for your injuries but you wont be able to sue your insurance company for life long injuries because of the accident because the laws wont let you sue your insurance company! So if you lose a limb or a loved one, your loss, in the mean time the one who hit you is now obligated to carry automotive insurance. If you rent, that's fine, you don't have the burdens of the home owner. The state motto is "Live Free Or Die" and its true, you can live free in NH (if you collect welfare) because the tax payers, (home owners), pay for it... I'm not against people who collect welfare, some people need it, but NH makes it easy for people to get it even if they have incomes. What you see a lot of here are single moms with their working boy friends living with them.

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Sandown, NH

New Hampshire life - 7/26/2010

The quality of life in New Hampshire is true New England. People are friendly, once they get to know you, and one feels safe most of the time. The winters can be severe but the Autumn is beautiful beyond description.

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Newfields, NH

The New Hampshire Advantage - 3/22/2010

I've lived in NH for 16 years. New Hampshire real estate taxes may not all be ideal -- but we have NO state income tax, NO sales tax and one of the highest safety ratings (crime rate is #47 of 50 states) in the country. Named in the CNBC rankings of "top states for doing business" as #1 for quality of life (#5 for education; #9 for business-friendly). New Hampshire was the first to perform an outright act of insurrection in December 1774, was the first after John Hancock to sign the Declaration of Independence and -- as the 9th, majority-producing, state to ratify the Constitution was "the state that made us a nation." We still have the first-in-the-nation Presidential Primary, are the only state to help an American President win a Nobel Peace Prize (see and allow citizens to own and carry guns. Our state legislature is the largest -- which gives us an effective ratio of 1 legislator for every 3000 or so citizens New Hampshire has four glorious seasons, ocean beaches, lakes, mountains, forests (2nd after Maine for coverage), colleges and fresh air. Consider that Daniel Webster, Robert Frost, Alan Shepherd and Christa McAuliffe, Robert Rogers (of Rogers Rangers), Celia Thaxter, Bode Miller, Steve Tyler and Dr. Seuss all have deep New Hampshire connections and you realize that "Live Free or Die" is a slogan that means more than first meets the eye.

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Hudson, NH

crime trends - 2/17/2010

I am in school for criminal justice. I would like to find crime trends and stats and comps in crimes from all over the US. Mostly a comparison in small towns like Hudson, NH and cities like Lawrence and Lowell, MA.

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Ashland, NH

Housing Costs - 12/19/2009

you do not get much for what you pay for compared to other parts of the country. many houses are older and outdated. cost of living is very high as are taxes.

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Whitefield, NH

Fees and property tax - 10/24/2009

Taxes are very low except for property tax,but the fees are everywhere.From local gov to state

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Manchester, NH

Rent - 8/29/2009

rent in New Hampshire is very high compared to the rest of the nation

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Union, NH

New Hampshire - 8/18/2009

We have lived in NH now for about 12 years, coming back here after being away in the military for approximately seven years. It has changed considerably, and the property taxes are unreal. The economy, while being bad everywhere right now, is probably worse here. There have been breaking and entering and stealing, malicious mischief. Things are not good here. We would like to go to Kingman, Az and either build on land we have there, or move into the city and sell our land. But we need to get more info. Anyone thinking of moving here may not find a job, and your mortgage, while being low, will rise from the taxes. lots of rain this year too, more than usual.

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Hampstead, NH

cold winters, great schools - 7/15/2009

Small town southern New Hampshire has a lot to offer if you're raising a family - the high property taxes are more bearable when you see how great the school systems can be. The cold winters are hard but the rest of the year is gorgeous.

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Stratham, NH

Climate in New Hampshire - 6/8/2009

We have very variable weather here. The rule of thumb is if you don't like the weather today, wait a minute. We have long winters and short summers, autumn is awesome. We have heat waves and ice storms and lots of snow.

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Derry, NH

Nice Weather Season is Too Short - 11/1/2008

I like the Mountains but the weather is too cold for too long

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Tilton, NH

High Property Taxes - 9/3/2008

Because there is no sales tax or income tax, expect to pay alot for property tax!! I have lived in NH my whole life and 19 of them in Northfield, it is ridiculous how much the home owners have to pay in this state.

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Weare, NH

Growing to fast - 8/21/2008

We live in Central NH and since moving here in 2001 we have noticed that we are becoming more and more like Southern California. Crime, gangs, more and more tear down the trees and build houses. We love the climate, except for this past winter and this summer. Snow as above records and this summer we have had a years worth of rain in 2 months. Contrary to what some have said about "New Englanders'" they are friendly and nice. But, due to the economy we will be on the move again. cap3w

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Brookline, NH

nice to visit, but... - 3/18/2008

...nh is probably best experienced in small doses. I've found that an extended time spent here (all my life, actually) can lead to wanderlust and a desire to go somewhere where its sunny, warm, and pleasantly breezy all the time. don't get me wrong - NH is my homestate, and i love it here, to an extent. summers are beautiful on our many lakes (and even our tiny coastline). even the first snowfall is pretty, for the first fifteen minutes anyways. but let's face it - this place is small. real small. and even though our population is growing (and our cities along with it, ever so slowly), it can't hide the fact that this place kind of stinks to grow up in. when you're younger, you don't want to go to museums or anything like that (and NH does have a handful of those, along with some small theater groups/venues). so i'd have to say this - NH is really picturesque, and that never gets old, but if you're thinking of moving here, think really hard about how you'd like it here. if you're an outdoorsy type, you'd probably love it, especially up north. but if you want diversity, or great cultural experiences at your fingertips on a daily basis, forget it.

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Derry, NH

Live free or die trying - 2/14/2008

NH is a decent place to raise a strong family if you have a strong family .The winters are cold and there is basically no public transportation anywhere.Pretty high property tax but best of all no sales or income taxes.Not the greatest for singles but the beach and Boston is within an hour to the most populated areas of the state.

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Hudson, NH

Great Place to Live, But Expensive - 10/11/2007

You can't beat New Hampshire when it comes to recreation opportunities. For boaters, there are hundreds of lakes on which to launch your boat. For skiing, there are many great mountains that will challenge the experienced but still provide opportunities for novices to learn. Hiking is a natural given the rural nature of the state. And, if you have an urge to experience big city life, Boston is a short drive away. The only downside is the cost of housing. My wife and I moved here from Indiana last year, and are still recovering from housing sticker-shock. I may be retiring in 2 to 3 years, and although we'd love to stay here, we may be forced to move back to the midwest or to the near south (Tennessee, Kentucky) in order to maintain our current standard of living.

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