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New Hampshire, NH

Cold but great. - 11/6/2018
I've been living here my whole life, so I guess I don't have much to compare it to, but here's my opinion: New Hampshire is beautiful, I love the seasons and the leaves (when I was younger I didn't even know that the leaves didn't change colour everywhere, I figured it out on a vacation), and even though the winters may be harsh, you still find a way to have the best time. (I probably wouldn't have taken up ice skating if I didn't live in New England). Even if you're not here for the weather, there are still tons of things I enjoy about New Hampshire. Growing up was a blast, I may have not liked school very much, but I did get a great education (and I went to college not too far from home).

I loved my community and how much time I spent at events downtown. I remember how every year we (used to) go to the pumpkin fest as a family and in the weeks before, we would carve as many pumpkins as we could, to try to beat the world record of jack o' lantern's lit at the same time. Or the amount of snow days we got, which seemed to fit perfectly on the days I had projects due (or maybe that's just cause I didn't like school). Never mind, loving New Hampshire is almost solely because of the weather.

We also don't have sales tax, so that's a plus. (That's another thing I didn't know until a field trip to Mass, I was so confused when I had to pay more than the price tag had said). That's also one of the reasons why houses and apartments cost more, but the no sales tax makes up for it, (and the low unemployment rate). But all in all, my experience of living in New Hampshire (so far) has been wonderful, I've had a great (but cold) time with the weather, and raising a family (so far) has been wonderful in the granite state I call my home.

So, I really do hope that you get to visit, or at least consider visiting, the wonderfully beautiful, but sometimes cold, New Hampshire.

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