NYC is a gigantic shit hole!

Star Rating 4/7/2013
NYC is horrible place to live. Higher income stapled with higher cost of living, rude people living in a bubble, parking regulations everywhere, $7.50 each way on bridge/tunnels, harsh winters, high crime rate, terrible place to meet singles, and etc...Overall an overrated, high priced, low quality of life shit hole/ghetto city...Stay away! Stay away! stay away!



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Arianna H.

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Kudos to the reviewer who said it's a giant shithole. Grew up in Queens. It's a nightmare. Every single neighborhood I grew up in has become over time, either ghetto-ized or gentrified. There's no in between, no normal people. Everyone is rich or poor, and *extremely* segregated. Not a nice place.



Christina G.

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lol, we used to live in NY. My husbands kids keep pressuring us to move back (they live in Suffolk County). We have been in Colorado since 1990 and we love it here. I do not mind visiting NY but we have such a better quality of life in Colorado. My husband is disabled, I do not make a ton of money but we are able to have a good life. Every time one of his kids says "you should move back" i take a look at the property taxes and i am falling off my chair (8-10k a year???). When i visit NY i see a lot of grouchy people. I think the stress, commute, cost of living makes you that way. Sad, I used to love NY when i was younger (born in Queens). Not anymore.



Me and my husband Agree. The housing no matter what your income will get you horrid living conditions. Landlords that walk you through apartments or flats that leave you speechless when they want you to pay 1600.00 to 3000.00 for a place that makes you say" Are you shitting me!". We have looked at over 24 places and all have been dumps. The bathrooms have rusty tubs (if they have one) dated back to 1940's. Nothing is painted and the Landlord's leave everything filthy, stinking and inhabitable. Even for a dog. Unless you can stand smells you have never encountered before like daily sewage, rusty bathrooms, leaking ceilings, stairwells you walk up that leave you looking behind you for a lunatic murderer, no lighting and undependable water sources of hot and cold available..then stay away from New York.



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