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 Tyler Prosser
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Star Rating 11/12/2010
I lived in Bakerfield for 8 years from 1976 to 1984..Back then the air quality was not so bad..I now live in Long Beach and what a change..I do agree with how bad the people can be..I went to Thompson Jr. High and the kids were so bad in the early 80's..I mean white trash, drug taking scum BAD kids..It was a nightmare going to that school..Everyday I dreaded it...Until my dad got a job down in Southern cal when Anahiem was a great place to live.Then my life had changed..The school and kids were so much better..And now I see Bako and the air just sucks..It's not just the farming!! It's how many people have moved up there in just the last 25 years..When I was there it was only about 100,000 people in the whole town..Man where I used to hunt for lizards there are homes and malls and stuff all over the place..I still mite move back there though cause that it were most of my family are..And my mom,grandfather and grandmother are with the Lord now and there graves are on panamal lane..I want to be close to them when I go...



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