racism in hawaii?

 Delicia Peaches
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Star Rating 11/18/2006
after reading the other comments about living in hawaii, i have a few questions of my own. the two responses to the AF female who is leaving, say they have not had any encounters with this and/or their best friend is AF or whatever. is it possible that since they are both long time residents of HI, they have no concept of what it's like to be a stranger in HI? is there someone else that can accurately answer this argument that isn't biased?



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Dominick T.

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Im not from HI originally but since I live here now I can say that its definitely something that you will see. Whether or not you will personally experience it... well it depends I guess. I think tourists might not see it because they are "contained" within Waikiki and they aren't there to see it. But working every day and interacting with the "locals" you begin to understand why they are the way the are. My wife experienced this on a number of occassions and you have to deal with people that are like this but hey, what are you gonna do? IF you plan to be here for the long haul then people will eventually accept you I believe. I also think it helps to treat others respectfully and not be a jerk. As for whether it matters or not if you grow up here to experience racism I think it does matter. Some communities here are like 90-almost 100% Japanese or filipino so those people wouldnt notice racism as much because its not happening to them personally. Furthermore, in my experience it has to do with how educated people are. Parents are usually the ones that perpetuate these attitudes and in the poorer neighborhoods they are prevalent. however within the city. You can't get away with it that much I think



Andrew J.

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I completely disagree with all of this racism nonsense. I'm white and from the mainland and have lived and worked here for three years. I have never once experienced anything interpretable as unfriendliness due to my lack of Asian/Pacific Islander appearance. Honolulu is probably the most tolerant place in the U.S. There is a general distinction between locals and mainlanders, and you can tell who's who by the accent. People who interpret this, however, along racial lines are simply wrong. Ask any "haole" who has grown up here and speaks with a local accent and he or she will tell you the same thing. Some people just seem to be looking for trouble and projecting their own negative feelings on to everyone else.



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