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 Bruce Savage
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Star Rating 1/31/2007
I don't understand why people in Florida aren't building hurricane-proof dome homes or concrete homes. I just checked out a web-site and you can have a hurricane proof dome home built for around $70,000. It is a 3 BR/2 Bath home. Granted, it is only 960 square feet, but I would give up the footage for a hurricane proof home.



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Helyn S.

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We are DONE with upstate NY winters! Hubby and I have a good 15 yrs before retirement, so we want to move in Florida, but I hear so much BAD with just about EVERY city :(.... We were looking at Clearwater, Tampa - but the area OUTSIDE the big cities. Also looked at Orlando. I'm sooooooo confused. Don't know what to do. We want to buy a mobile home, but are SCARED of the hurricanes and losing it all and we don't have the money to be playing around with! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP lol



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