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 Sandra Walcott
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Star Rating 8/4/2007
I am moving from Las Vegas and thinking about Greenville. I miss architectre, greenery and beauty. Would I like Greenville? I'm a bit of a City girl - not into rural or country.



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Reviews for Greenville, South Carolina

Dave Campanella
Simpsonville, SC
Great place to live on the East Coast.
Excellent place to live. A lot of culture; something t...
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Jenna Clark
Greenville, SC
Terrible Traffic, Gets Old Fast
I've lived in several areas of the south. Greenville, S...
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Brenna Stoppiello
Travelers Rest, SC
Upstate South Carolina
I have lived here all of my life ....namely Greenvill,E...
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Yancy Jordan
Greenville, SC
Ok place to live, terrible traffic
I like living in Greenville. The atmosphere downtown i...
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Michael Gaylord
Greenville, SC
The most disgusting, corrupt, racist (against whites) a...
 2 Replies
Steve Farrell
Greenville, SC
Living in Greenville
I moved to Greenville, South Carolina from Kenosha, Wis...
 3 Replies