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Greenville, SC

An Opinion About This 2 Star Rating Average - 1/17/2022
I have been reading all the negative reviews on Greenville on this site because, as a SC native, I was curious as to why it only had a 2 star average rating from over 90 reviews given the fact that I know different. However, it didn't take me long to realize upon reading them that the overwhelming majority of the reviews come from people who moved here and not from here. Their contempt and utter disgust for people who don't think like them is laughable. The number of posts that view people of faith as "cultist" or somehow delusional is especially disturbing (and I say that as someone who doesn't attend any church, though I probably should). My questions to you who bash us southerners as ignorant are 1) What brought you here? You consistently claim that you are better educated than southerners so why is it you didn't use that intellectual prowess to research an area before you moved here?
2) If in fact you all are not as smart as you claim and didn't research the area, then what keeps you here after you found out that the place you fled from was so much better? You are free and welcome to live anywhere you please. You are also free to express your opinion on where you chose to live. But please try to give your "expert" geographical analysis in a less hypocritical, condescending, and "holier than thou" tone. If you can't do that then your argument has no weight or significance to anyone other than those who are in your groupthink bubble of reality. On the upside, I guess your slanted reviews may keep others in your bubble from following you down here. Anyway, welcome to the South!

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