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Good luck, its not that great of a state. Just cause we have somewhat of an oil boom here again is the only reason people are coming down here in mobs, that will only last probably another 10 years. Texas is this very very very crowded, folks I lived here all my life and besides East Texas and some counties along the coast IT HARDLY RAINS!! It will drive you nuts how fast the ground dries up! Plus the wind is so hot and dry in the summer forget about having a garden or little trees unless you don't mind wasting all your well water just to keep 'em alive. Way too much cheap labor here...get ready for some competition folks, even if you are a small business owner you will get out bid, cheap labor LIVES in Texas! And most of these type people are abusing welfare.(that's how they afford to work so cheap its a texas secret) Trust me its too real but way too many other business owners love them and its here to stay. Been wanting to move out of here for the longest, but where....? All I know is Texas.



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