Will Bozeman Work for Us?

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We are thinking about moving to Bozeman in search of a more simple life for our two young children and to flee Los Angeles. We are both professionals who have lived in big cities and have enough money to be more than comfortable. What is the deal with the racism in Bozeman? Does it really exist? Is it really race-based or is it more socioeconomic? Are there any hate crimes? We are of mixed race (as most people from metropolitans places are becoming) and while our school age children for sure pass as white, I would not want them to be subjected to racist nonsense or backward thinking. What's the truth? I have seen some pretty negative postings, but want to keep an open mind. Thanks!



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With the university, Bozeman is pretty tolerant of other races. The thing to be more concerned about with your kids is that they would be in a very cliquey town. Depending on how much money you have, many people in Bozeman are not afraid to remind you if you are a "have not." Also, many life-long Montanans are suspicious of Californians. The traffic in town will probably remind you of Los Angeles though. If you are buying a home you will probably be OK, but if you have to rent, be aware that there are a lot of slumlords in town. I hope this helps!



Brenda D.

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From someone who is born and raised in MT - the only racism I've ever seen has come from those who move here for the "simple" life. MT is not racist, we just don't have many people of color here. Our kids tend to be in Ahh when they see someone of color, because its so uncommon.



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