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"Roof Rats"

Roof Rats - 2/17/2006
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I've heard that Mesa and other areas around Phoenix are infested with Roof Rats . That they get in your attic and go down the walls and chew through , drywall , metal or whatever , then get in your house . I've heard this now a number of times , and also read some articles in your local Newspaper. Being from the mid-west where we never heard of Roof Rats , this is a little shocking . Can anyone comment

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Mesa, AZ

A poor place to live... - 12/9/2016

I've been living here in Mesa for the past 20 years or so and I can tell you firsthand it's a terrible place to live. Nice schools. Okay neighborhoods. They are closing most of the grocery stores and have closed practically all of the candle factories in the city due to a lack of demand, apparently. When I first moved here, if you wanted a job near home the candle factories were always hiring, but now it's changing. Also it is not a safe place for pets. The residents are extremely careless drivers and dead dogs or cats on the roadsides is a fairly common site. Feral cats are also a pressing issue in many neighborhoods where the cats breed without limits or intervention. The city needs to donate some time and money to clearing up some of the feral colonies here. People and kids occasionally take one home but the majority continue to breed and overpopulate. Close to Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa is considered part of the greater Phoenix area. I would not recommend it to people who like an extremely civilized environment and lifestyle...but it is good if you like adventure and don't mind undrinkable tap water.

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Lebanon, TN

HOT HOT HOT, long commutes to get anywhere, crime - 6/30/2016

Lived in Mesa, AZ for 18 years, having moved there from Iowa. Lived in the 85210 and 85202 zip codes, near Dobson Ranch area for many years, owned several residential rental properties as well. Worked in Phoenix and I will say commuting anywhere in the Phoenix Metro area is an absolute nightmare, doesn't matter how dark your window tint is, you will roast in your car and it takes over an hour to drive the approximate 20 miles to Phoenix during morning and evening rush hour traffic, so be sure to plan that in to your day. Mesa was OK, it was one of the more affordable suburbs and having no children, I wasn't worried about the school systems. We lived in 2 different planned communities (Rancho Del Mar and Park Place) and neighbors in both areas were OK, not too friendly but not too stand-offish. Not the friendly neighborhoods like I experienced in Iowa. The economy tanked in 2008 and Mesa seemed to be having a rough time recovering from that, grocery stores and shopping centers had boarded up storefronts and our neighbors were reporting a lot of break-ins on the NextDoor app, even though we were in a "nicer" neighborhood. Property taxes were OK, not too expensive but electricity and water are very expensive, car insurance rates were very high and it took forever to drive anywhere because of traffic. Nightlife is lacking, mostly dive bars and pizza restaurants, unless you want to spend a ton of money dining out in Scottsdale. There were some nice bicycle trails along the canals and if you head out east, some beautiful hiking in the Superstition mountains but that's only a winter-activity, too hot to hike in the summer. The dust storms were pretty bad and during the 18 years we were there, it kept getting hotter and hotter and drier and drier, you can see the effects of global warming and urban sprawl in this area. We left and moved to the Nashville area in 2014 and our quality of life is much better here.

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Lehi, UT

Mormons - Extremely Honest - 5/25/2015

Just so you know, in one comment on here someone said that Mormons are money laundering. That is completely false. Their religion expressly prohibits dishonesty. Mormons are extremely friendly, great neighbors and extremely honest. Meza does have a population of Mormons, which makes it a great place to live. They create safe neighborhoods and "good" kids :-)

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Mesa, AZ

Decent - 4/8/2015

We recently moved to Arizona from northern Virginia (right outside of DC). We love it here, however, the cost of living was not as low as we expected. Sales tax is higher, groceries are comparable. If you are buying a home, you will find that it is much less expensive however, if you are planning to rent, it is not much less than NOVA.

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Mesa, AZ

Mesa AZ - 3/31/2015

Mesa will seem more like a neighborhood than an actual city. For those of us who live in Mesa, we typically drive to other places nearby to work, shop, and eat. Mesa downtown area is not quite yet developed into a real city downtown. But, in 15 min we are in Scottsdale or Gilbert where we can visit new malls & restaurants, and in 30 min or less be in downtown Phoenix or Chandler, where there are numerous places to work (tech, manufacturing,aerospace,healthcare), as well as to the airport. If you are OK with driving a bit, you can have what you are looking for. Mesa itself is very diverse. There is an upscale area with beautiful homes in the orange groves, NE Mesa with higher altitude and more open spaces, scenic views and upscale homes, SE Mesa with new homes and schools which appeal to new homeowners, in addition the historic downtown Mesa area (where higher crime exists). Northeast Mesa is ideal, an easy drive up north on the Beeline highway to northern areas where the weather is cooler. Fantastic place for anyone into outdoor sports, especially cycling, hiking, and golf as well as those who enjoy scenery. People in general are friendly and there is a mix of those from the midwest and eastern states. Great access to good healthcare and variety of supermarkets, overall very clean streets, lower-cost living arrangements available. Since housing cost in general is low, many can afford several summer escapes driving distance - San Diego, northern AZ, for example, if they don't already own or rent cabins in the mountains. Downsides: you have to drive everywhere, population generally older so young people may feel more isolated, air quality not great, workplaces limited to healthcare and retail primarily unless you commute to Phoenix/Scottsdale/Chandler or work from home.

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Mesa, AZ

Living in Mesa, AZ - 12/10/2014

Many people seem to find Mesa just an OK place to live, but for me it's entirely different! I absolutely love living here because the weather is absolutely gorgeous here and the winters are very mild. Yes the cost of an AC conditioner is quite high, but there is so much to do to take your mind off of this. The housing market crashed here so the houses aren't that expensive, which isn't great for the sellers, but for the buyers it's a plus. Also, usually a house here has a nice pool to help beat the summer heat. I also found that it was quite easy to find a job here in AZ and meet a lot of nice people. That's another thing, people are so pleasant here!

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Mesa, AZ

Don't do it - 11/7/2014

As a well traveled individual, I can say the Mesa is the worst place I have ever lived. There is no sense of community, and the spirits of the people are awful. The drug addicts are actually some of the nicer people. It is an uncultured bubble community with no sense of inspiration, and no...there are no smiles here. The business are horrendous, and will do anything to skirt the law or rip their neighbors off. Employers exploit lax employee protection laws here to recycle them and take advantage without conscience. The Mormons here are appalling, running numerous money laundering outfits that go unnoticed since they own and run the city. Normal people are few and far between. Do not move here for a job, and there are 1000 better retirement options. If you young and going to college, it is affordable so that could be considered. This is a city with no soul.

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Mesa, AZ

Really Good and Hellaciously Bad - 5/8/2013

This place is ideal for the "snowbird" who can afford to bug out in the summer. winters are sunny, mild and beautiful and there is plenty to do in Arizona as far as shopping, culture, nature, sporting events, casinos, etc. But summer brings 100+ temps -- literally around the clock for at least a month and sometimes two -- so you are basically trapped in a box (house, car, store) with a/c roaring for 3-4 months straight. That said, if you have the time and money to escape to the mountains (Flagstaff, Springerville, Alpine 4 hours away, Payson/Show Low/Heber/Overgaard 2 hours away) you can get some relief. Prescott is about 20 degrees lower than Phoenix/Mesa/Tempe/Chandler/Gilbert/Glendale area year round and so another summer getaway (if you don't mind 90's daytime temps some summer days). Arid climate... not a lot of rain or moisture but also not much in the way of mosquitoes, etc. for that reason which is a bonus. If you like warm temps, you'll love it here.

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Mesa, AZ

Indoor air quality at Delta Mechanical, Inc. - 3/31/2013

I am expressing my concern over indoor air quality at Delta Mechanical, Inc. There are over 100 employees including managers that are being affected by mold spores resulting from a leaking large reverse osmosis tank over a period of 1 month. Finally the tank was drained and removed leaving wet carpet that was not dryed properly. I have been sickened for the past 2 months with bronchial pneumonia and now left with acute bronchitus. The owner refuses to have the carpet removed or even have the problem investigated. This is a serious violation and all I am asking for is an investigation. Please help me and all the employees of Delta Mechanical, Inc.

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Mesa, AZ

Mesa - 3/15/2013

Sleepy town, even sleepier schools

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Mesa, AZ

The little city that tries - 10/22/2012

Mesa is actually a "bedroom community of phoenix. parts of it are very nice, but, boy oh boy the other parts are almost beyond description. Coming from New York I am very surprised at the good quality of public transportation on this side of the valley. As everyone knows the summers are brutal and the entire year in insanely dusty, but the other 8 months are fantastic climate wise. there are some pretty good museums here and a variety of things to do. Overall it is kind of boring and unless you live in one of the "right" areas it is down right ugly.

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Glendale, AZ

Mesa is ok - 6/1/2012

I had lived in mesa for 5 years. The rent is more affordable than Phoenix. The police were at one time trigger happy. This is the wild, wild west. The mormons are here! Flash news.The mormons moved to Gilbert. Flash news. The light rail is cool.flash news superstition springs mall is clean. Clean city like phoenix clean and new. Many mexicans here. working at the fast food places. The sheriff Joe Arpaio failed to get them out they have the jobs americans dont.

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Scottsdale, AZ

Mesa - 4/5/2012

It is not great for young families or basically anyone. The summers and fall are so hot that asking your kids to walk or bike anywhere is actually cruel. There is no mass transit other than buses. People feel cut off from each other because its all nothing but strip Malls and houses. No culture, few places to gather or meet people in fact the indoor Malls in the area are about as exciting as it gets {pathetic}. When I grew up there in the 60's and 70's it was a truly charming small town and no ugliness. But all the ethnic crap, neighborhoods going downhill and too much sprawl ruined it. And that is sad--you will see yards decorated as if you are in Mexico City and that is about what it is. Tacky-

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Mesa, AZ

Horrible Place to Live - 1/15/2012

I moved to Phoenix 10 years ago from Colorado for a job. What a shock it has been. I have been ripped off from almost every business I have dealt with. I had a local moving company move my furnishings when I moved to another house and damaged my furniture. I have yet to see any type of compensation from them and I filed a complaint with the attorney general over 2 years ago. The people here are rude, selfish and don't want anything to do with you unless it directly benefits them. The drivers here are dangerous and are on your bumper everywhere you go. I get flipped off at least onec a week here. The summers are insane!! I live in a 1500 sq ft house and work all day and keep the inside temperature at 78. My utility bills run about 600.00 a month. The cost of utilities is outragous. The resteraunts stink, the service is horrible and over crowded. There is nothing to do in this place unless you like counting how many scorpians and black widows you see at night...The pay here is below average and employers treat you like crap. Stay away from here!! I can't wait to get out of this hell hole!!

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Chandler, AZ

Mesa is the armpit of the west! - 2/12/2011

They don't call it Meth Mesa for nothing!

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Mesa, AZ

Mesa is for the (snow)birds. - 7/12/2010

Mesa used to be a great place to live until recent changes to the city. The city council turns down just about anything that would bring businesses to the area. Could have had the Cardinals here, about to lose the Cubs spring training. I challenge anyone to find a business headquartered in Mesa. Also, there is very little to do for young children. Anytime we want to do something we drive to Chandler. Finally, forget about beautifying the area. I honestly don't know where the taxpayers dollars are going. The city is getting uglier and uglier to look at. As soon as my home sells, we are moving to Chandler or Gilbert.

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Mesa, AZ

Hard To Fit In - 7/7/2010

If you look, act or feel 'differently' this may not be the place for you.

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Mesa, AZ

Winter is spectacular, Spring is great - 5/18/2010

I have lived in Mesa, AZ for 8 years now. There really is no substitute for winter in Mesa. It is beautiful. What passes for summer everywhere else is winter here. Roses are blooming and the citrus fruit is ready to be harvested. It is still wonderful in the spring and beautiful as the desert blooms. The citrus trees smell SOOOO good for the three or four weeks they are in full bloom. It is gorgeous. Summer can be a challenge. Just make sure you have windshield shades for your car, a swimming pool, and air conditioning and you should be fine. It is pretty awesome to be able to swim until midnight under the full moon in an unheated pool that is still warm from the summer sun.

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Mesa, AZ

Boring Bedroom Community - 3/28/2010

I have lived here for 8 years. After a 20 year career in the military that allowed me to live in 15 different cities in 8 states, I feel that I have become an amateur authority on observing the goings on of my surroundings. So here goes: Mesa is a slow-paced city that is very geographically spread out. The streets out here in Maricopa county are all straight, broad, and in a grid pattern. It makes getting lost darn near impossible except for only the most directionally challenged people. Of course, that makes the raods a race-track on which to speed for many. It is very easy to drive 60 mph on the "surface streets" (thats what people here call the streets that are not highways. Be careful too because this is quickly becomming the speed camera capitol of the world. The motor vehicles department and the process for getting your vehicle smog checked is THE BEST have seen anywhere! Stores: drive a mile in any direction an you will find pretty much anything you need. This whole county is strip mall heaven. Recently built shopping plazas such as the Tempe Marketplace, and the San Tan Village are unique, hip, and truly great experiences to shop, hang out, and people watch. Too bad however, they are not in Mesa, but only 20-30 minute drive. Mesa tried to be hip with their Riverview Plaza, but missed the mark entirely. It is dull, lackluster, and difficult to drive around in. It is anchored by Walmart and Home Depot, so that should give you an understanding of its "hipness". Which, I think, is exactly the way the city elders want the city to be. THe city is populated by a huge Mormon following-not exactly the partying and accepting type. I think they would outlaw all serving of alcohol if they could. (I'll get back to the Mormons later, you need to know!). Anyway, there is really no good times to be had in this city. Everyone goes to Tempe (college town, if your're still into that scene it is great when school is in session), or they go to Scottsdale. OK, Scottsdale-THE BIRTHPLACE OF THE COUGAR phenom. Great bars, great shopping, great restaurants, great art galleries...but be sure to bring your Visa Black, or you will not be taken seriously by any of the posturing Beverley Hills wannabes. Lots of celebs have homes there and may be seen hitting the bar scene on weekends (I saw Charles Barkely in bar there once...nice guy)But, back to Mesa...see the trend? Nothing much to say about Mesa. Lots and Lots of houses, and little work or anything to do. Of course, there are 10's of thousands of retirees here. Driving on the same roads with them is scary, scary, scary! IN the winter, from about October-April 15, the whole county, Mesa seriously, is invaded by an Army of snowbirds. The business owners love their money, especially the golf courses (which most people cannot the 100's to play. When they are here, do not expect to get a seat at ANY restaurant, an appoinment with a doctor,or be able to drive anywhere over 30 mph. It is an invasion like the biblical locusts. If you are old yourself, they are very active and have many functions and clubs to join. If you are will do nothing in Mesa except sleep in your house. The city of Mesa is financially broke right now. They cant seem to make any good money decisions and the services here are continually cut back. Of course, they have tried to impliment small tax initiatives, but OLD PEOPLE vote, and in Mesa, there are many of them. They dont want any noise, partying, recreation for young people, or money going to schools that they have no children enrolled in. Most initiatives get whacked off the ballot very quickly. Case in point: We were in the running to build the Arizona Cardinals stadium here. It was voted down because the crusty residents ssaid it would be too noisy and cause litter and crime....ok, right. So if you move to Mesa and want to go to events help there, it is on the other side of the county...up to 60 miles away...yeah, this is a big county. Ok, this is not Mesa only, but Arizona...the heat from May to November is insane! I was in the Persian Gulg countries during the first gulf war and that is the closest I can come to comparing the heat to somewhere Ive been. It is downright dangerous here in the summer. People die from the heat here every year...residents and visitors alike. Everything you own will dry out and fade quickly (including your car). Wear a broad brimmed hat here, trust me. I could write a book on this place, but generally speaking, people move here to get away from something, and they generally dont want to be bothered making new friends. I have found that you really need to work hard at it here...the number on reason people dont socialize, people they meet, or work with live too far away. Sounds trivial, but it is a big deal...once again very spread out and big. I would like to make one last statement. There are abvious boundries in this city. The Mexicans do most of the labor out here and they live in very defined boundries within the city. There is not much diversity of socialization going on. These neighborhood have a pretty large amount of crime as well, so dont go hangin out there if you dont belong. My recommendation: Live here if you are Mormon (There is an LDS church every 3 miles)< and oh yeah, there are neighborhoods in Mesa where you cannot be in your front yard, or taking a walk without constant assaults from white shirted, tie-wearing tennage boys on bicycles trying to preach the Mormon philosophy to you. It can be Really annoying. Come also if you are old and ready to retire, but if you are younger and want to have a hipper scene, just stay away, you will be better off

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Mesa, AZ

Weather - 1/20/2010

It does get extremely hot in the summer, but it's a dry heat and as a result doesn't feel as hot as it really is. I'm originally from Southern California and although the weather was once beautiful there, it has now become just as hot as Arizona. I experience the same weather here in Mesa, Arizona as I do in Los Angeles County, minus the humidity. My mother still lives in Southern California and we constantly compare temperature and weather conditions. 95% of the time it's the same except for a few degrees cooler in California in the summer months, but my central AC makes up for that, while my mother and most people that live in her area go without central AC. It also rains in the summer, which I find amusing. The sun is out, but theres rain... I like it!

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