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Wisconsin Dells, WI

No Good Jobs !!! - 6/16/2008
99% of the Jobs are $7 to $8. per hr . this is a Seasonal area , and the bulk of the Jobs are filed by foreigners who are brought there in Flocks every summer, most can't speak English .

Titusville, FL

Are there any nice Senior 55+ mobile home parks in - 3/2/2008
Does anyone know the names of Safe 55+ mobile Home parks in Titusville ?

Melbourne, FL

Don't expect too much !!! - 8/31/2007
Not much of a town , Dirty , Crime ridden , and terrible roads , on top of that way too expensive for what is there , which is NOT MUCH ! Might be ok for a snowbird , and thats being generous , very generous , thats if you can find a SAFE area to stay in ???

Milwaukee, WI

It's a Great City
- 9/20/2006
Milwaukee is really a very nice city , Great Universities , Beaches , Jobs and a friendly atmosphere. An International Airport that will take you any place in the World . Lots of interesting things to do and great shopping and Great Resturants. Milwaukee is also a very REASONABLE place to live , with good Job Growth .

St. Cloud, FL

Don't bother with St. Cloud !!!!
- 9/13/2006
They are building like crazy there , and it's one big mess , with lousey-overcrowded schools and real high crime , lots of Drugs

Brownsville, TX

Brownsville living conditions ?
- 6/6/2006
Thinking about moving to Brownsville , could anyone give me some information . Thanks

Melbourne, FL

Great place to live !
- 6/5/2006
Once you live here for awhile , it's a great Place. Robust economy , lots of Jobs. Clean , low crime and great Housing. Lots of Friendly Folks , Good Roads and Great Schools . It's like Paradise !

Mesa, AZ

Thanks Anne , I appreciate that :)
- 2/21/2006

I heard Gilbert is a very nice place too .if I need more information I'll let you know , Thanks again , Don

Tucson, AZ

Roof Rats in Tucson
- 2/17/2006
The Mesa and Phoenix areas seems to be having a problem with infestation of Roof Rats . Being from the Mid-west Roof Rats are a new thing for me to try to understand . It seems they get in your attic and come down your walls , chewing through wires , metal and drywall , whatever, and enter you living areas. Does Tucson have this problem also ???

Mesa, AZ

Roof Rats
- 2/17/2006
I've heard that Mesa and other areas around Phoenix are infested with Roof Rats . That they get in your attic and go down the walls and chew through , drywall , metal or whatever , then get in your house . I've heard this now a number of times , and also read some articles in your local Newspaper. Being from the mid-west where we never heard of Roof Rats , this is a little shocking . Can anyone comment

Mesa, AZ

Do you know of any nice 55+ retirement Mobile Home
- 2/13/2006
Either in Mesa or Gilbert or that area ? Thanks !!! I think Waynesville is in Florida near Kokomo and the other attractions . That movie "Waynes World " was filmed there.

Melbourne, FL

Too crowded , terrible traffic , increasing crime
- 2/10/2006
I found all of the above to be true and the other peoples comments too are true, I was there not too long ago and couldn't believe what was happening to what was once a Very Nice Smaller Town , with reasonable real estate prices , low taxes and very nice people . BUT thats all changed ...for the worst . It's just the opposite now . Too Bad !

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