Vallejo is really a Diamond in the Not so rough!

 J.M Saldana
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Star Rating 9/13/2009
We purchased a home 3 years ago in an older established area, where Spanish, Mediterranean, English, French style homes are abundant. Vallejo's weather is truly mediterranean and similar to Italy's climate. This town has been progressing the last decade in many ways, politics, police, quality of life, schools, crime rate is lower...many people from all over San Francisco Bay have made Vallejo their town and are very loyal and defensive when speaking about Vallejo. There is definitely a mix of cultures, colors, educational levels, wealth status, etc... Like many California cities, many younger residents might need a course in ethics and tact to fine tune their personas. Vallejo has many good people from all sections of the spectum. We hope that after filing for BK protection, Vallejo will rise and get all it's financial issues in order and start beautifying it's streets, parks and Historic buildings. You can also go to

Did I forget to mention, we have a nice Marina front, where you can take the Ferry to San Francisco, Ca. or use your own boat to access the Pacific Ocean. Vallejo really is the last Bay area city on the North Bay...a quick drive North and you will be in Napa Valley, Marin County or East and arrive in Sacramento, West to San Francisco and South to San Jose area, you get my drift. If you're looking for more house for your money, this is the place, at least until the economy pics up. Touro Universtiy, Mare Island, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, affordability, local, Las Palmitas Mexican Restaurant on Nebraska, diversity; many gay, bi-sexual, lesbian residents have moved to the city and we welcome them to their new town.

I will agree, there are still thefts, robberies and personal crime, but almost every town will have it's own issues. The Vallejo Police Department is made up of hightly proffesional, educated and talented personnel, while most live in Cities like Pleasenton, Dublin, San Ramon, Napa, Marin, etc...for the same reason know Vallejo can and will continue to be enforced to lower crime, improve quality of life and protect Valleojans.

Okay, I believe I'm done with my run-on-sentences for today.




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