Overland Park, Get Over Yourself!

Star Rating 4/5/2011
I moved to Kansas in June 2006 from Los Angeles and I was born in KCMO in 1969. My parents left KCMO in 1970. Alot of my immediate family remains, with no plans of trying something new. Since I've lived here it's unreal how far and slow Kansas is behind the curve. This KU thing is so out of touch, It is like the only school in the world. There thing's happening around in other cities and Overland Park still has it head up it's B#%T! Funning to watch. Homes are reasonable. I believe a light rail system could help. I'm blessed to be formally trained and realize that this area has alot of catching up to do, every major metro
has some form of rapid transit system.



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DUDE you live in Olathe! Enough said.



DUDE you live in Olathe! Enough said.



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