Greg must be one of those peace loving, compassion

Star Rating 12/11/2006
Greg says that Knoxville, "with 62% good a place could it be to live????? Bushies, righties, conservatives are not a political ideology - but a mental disorder!!!!!!!!!! Support of Bush is tantamount to committing treason against the U.S. of A.!!!!!!!!!!"

Greg, that is a horrible, mean-spirited thing to say. Remember, people are usually just a reflection of our own attitudes. Show kindness and respect to others and we will usually get the same response in return. But if we walk around with a chip on our shoulder, hating people because of their political views, we are not going to be very happy, fulfilled, productive people.

We have been to Knoxville on several occasions and always found it to be very pleasant. As far as the people and weather are concerned, we enjoyed both. And, no, we are not native to the region, but we would not rule out a possible move to the area in the future..........all the best.....Glenn & Mimi



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