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 Guillermo Bell
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Star Rating 6/27/2010
I relocated to CT from Western Mass. ( Northampton area) 6 years ago for a new job. It's is very expensive to live here, they tax everything. Way too conjested and crowded for the land area. The weather is not great here although winters are better than Western Mass. No "real" mountains here, lots of inner cities with no industry and LOTS of multi family homes for all the welfare people to live in...lots of crime and drugs in these areas, Hartford, Meriden, Waterbury, New Britain, Rockville, Willimantic, East Hartford, New haven, etc. Some nice areas of these towns, except Hartford which is a real crappy city. I have been all across America and I think this is one of the fastest paced places I have ever been to, driving is like a race here, and people do not know what a yield sign means!! In general, lots of fine folks here, but it is New England and the people can be a little bit "cold" at first, especially if you are moving to NE from out west, midwest, or the south. Beaches are nothing to write home about, I think Rhode Island is much nicer....counting down the days to when I can relocate away from this state.



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