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 Eileen Smith
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Star Rating 4/28/2011
I have lived here for 5 years now we are both retired however we still work full time which is very hard to do here since there are NO JOBS here at all the crime rate is 99% and we have murderers walking the streets as we speak the drugs are rampid in this area and no one does anything about the problem due to everyone being on the take we of course will not stay living with the devils advocates however we are here for a reason and a purpose at the moment please if you value your life stay out of this area also the level of common sense is 0% and no education to be found the housing market is not even on the map due to everyone leaving if you want to know more read the book the reapers line it is not fiction and tells alot about this area if you want to see for yourself do so however dont say you were not warned there are people here starting to write a book about this place also i hope they live to finish it this is all true



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I have lived here for 5 years now we are both retired...
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