New companies building in Decatur, Illinois

 Patrick Miller
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Star Rating 4/23/2008
I was born and raised in Decatur, IL. It was a great city growing up. In fact, the population was near 100,000 back in the late 70's early 80's. Decatur has a lot of potential. With Firestone closing amongst other companies in the Decatur area, I dont see why newer companies pick Decatur to start their roots. The city is actually very beautiful with great parks and a wonderful lake. The city has a lot going on the north end and out by the airport the last time I went through this city. I really think Decatur is to overlooked by newer companies and they might consider checking out this wonderful city. Practically centered right in the middle of the state. Once the home of the Staley Bears (Now Chicago Bears) This city has a lot of potential and plenty of possiblilties. Why not share these possibilities with new companies. Large new companies. I could never figure out why the didnt do more with the waterfront by Neslon Park. Adding little store fronts and cafes. Even a gambling boat that stayed docked. Adding a nice large well known hotel or two in Downtown. I now live in Atlanta, GA for 11 years. Lived in Tampa, FL prior for 6 years. The times I have been back or through the city I see a great city sitting and waiting for something so fantastic to happen to it. New businesses I think would be happy in this city. Once the new businesses happen this city, I mean could be the heart of downstate Illinois. A city in Illinois that has such potential outside Chicago. Bloomington/Normal has grown a lot. I think people should know about the possibliities this city has to offer and could offer more if companies and businesses land in Decatur, Illinois. It sounds like Decatur needs a new city council. They need a council that brings in these new things. You wait and see, it will happen. I think a lot of people should check out this small city and see the potential. You may say Decatur is a little boring, but that is because the city council has a lot to do with some of that. Decatur needs to be put on the radar for many reasons. Those reasons have just been mentioned. Thank you for your time. Patrick MIller



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