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 Lou Karably
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Star Rating 12/18/2012
Cherokee County was carved out of the Cherokee Nation lands back in the early 1830's. The area was rural, with agriculture and mills being the primary business until after WWII, when the area became a lower cost of living refuge for those working in Atlanta and closer in communities. The schools suffered until recently, and now appear to be at or above the regional average. The climate is moderate, not to hot or humid in the summer and rarely seeing ice or snow in the winter. No real insect or critter problems. It is fairly Conservative, both religiously and politically. Liberal is a dirty word in Canton and surrounding Cherokee County. Most of the real Red Necks have moved further up in the hills, but you can still run across Rebel flags in a few locations. Dumb is still legal in Georgia. Having said all of that, the area has extensive outdoor recreation opportunities, lakes, trails, mountains, rivers and all of the associated fun things to do. People are friendly, as long as you let them be themselves and don't assume they are willing to change their opinions. The area is very affordable to buy housing and the cost of living is below the national average. I'm a newcomer, only lived here 20 years.



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