we rarely snow, summers not too hot, and thats the

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Good climate goes a long way when you been to other cities in the U.S. with less favorable weathers. The eastern part of U.S. gets too much snow while the south is too hot during summer time. The North is alright but sometimes they freeze. So yea the best thing about OR is the moderate weather. Never extreme.



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cindy s.

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Blown away that anyone would say anything good about Oregon weather. I lived there most of my life (45 yrs) and how anyone can stand it I don't understand. About September the rain starts and because of the low cloud cover most of the time you rarely see the sun 10 months out of the year. It's dark when you wake up and need the lights on all day, to say it is depressing is an under statement. Moved to Tampa FL and loved the weather, now in Nashville TN and the weather is terrible, hot as hell or cold as crude but I see the sunshine almost every day. When I retire hope to move back to FL. Think long and hard before moving to Oregon it is VERY depressing.



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