Kingman, Arizona; A great place to Live

 Warren Buffet
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Star Rating 6/21/2008
Go to: for more information. Kingman has probably the best year round climate in the country. No floods, no hurricanes, no earthquakes.
Located in the heart of the South West Golden Triangle; a little over an hour from Las Vegas, 30 minutes from Laughlin, Nevada, 3 hours from Phoenix, about 4 and a half hours from Los Angeles; 1 hour from the West Rim of the Grand Canyon; 30 minutes from the Colorado River. On Historic Route 66, where Interstate 40 (Chicago to L.A.) and Highway 93 (CanaMex, NAFTA Highway) and about 120 BNSF Freight Trains daily pass; it is truly a City with possibilities.



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Not sure I agree with those numbers. Looks more like 1 hour 45 minutes to Vegas and 5-1/2 to 6 hours to LA (NOT outskirt suburbs), the 1 hour to Rim should be noted as not main canyon area and is controlled by Indian tribe who gouge horribly on prices. There is another awesome area of canyon closer than main south rim area but it is not something I want to advertise as very special the way it is as quiet, secluded, one the most beautiful places int he world, and been in movies. True nature lovers will know it or find it but lets keep out the "get in get out" crowd. What might be worthy of note and left out of your inaccurate "how close" post, is the big lakes such as Lake Mead and Havasu, and the other one at Bullhead City (sorry forget name-Mohave maybe?)



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