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I went there to visit in June of 2011 and overall I like Eugene a lot because its very green with a lot tall evergreen trees and flowers. Its very clean compare to cities in Tx. Very nice weather not too hot at all and its was in the 70's and a few clouds. Very friendly people there. Many sight seeing not far from Eugene and the ocean is about an hour away. Oregon and Eugene is very pretty place and I am from Texas and Texas is not very pretty at all in most places so Oregon has a more larger area that is so beautiful there that I didn't want to leave Oregon. I will visit Eugene Or again when I have vacation time and just hang out and visit all these beautiful sight seeing near Eugene and is so relaxing there and a nice place to get away from Texas.



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Pamela D.

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Hi Jay, What is the climate like in Eugene? Is it as cloudy as they say?



Hi Pamela I don't Live in Engene Or but I have visit there a few times before. Yes its only cloudy and rainy most of the time from late fall until early spring. Sunny days between storms in winter but its cloudy 75 percent of the time during the winter. Weather in spring is a lot better becoming more sunny and warmer in April and May and the summer there is wonderful almost sunny everyday during summer. Fall starts to get a little cloudy sometimes with rain and then late fall its cloudy most of the time. But most of the time during winter is chilly and sometimes mild and very green grass from rain. That why there a lot of tall evergreen trees everywhere because of the rain during winter. Overall Eugene is a very nice place to visit and to live and its a pretty town.



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