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"Thinking of moving to Northern Delaware-Questions?"

Thinking of moving to Northern Delaware-Questions? - 8/29/2008
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I am concerned about quality of schools in Northern Delaware. I will be working in Wilmington. Is it better to live in Penn for the schools?

We are very active and like newer homes and communities. Can anyone advise where would be a place to live where you have low crime, newer houses, and quality schools?


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Auburn, GA

Comparison - 5/25/2011

Compared to ga

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Wheeling, WV

crime - 12/26/2010

i would like to know is dover,de is a good place to raise kids.cause i have 4. is the crime rate low? where is the best area to live in dover,de? please reply...... if you no about dover,de and have live there or still live there...thank you

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New Castle, DE

delaware climate - 10/29/2010

four distinct seasons and few natural disaster risks.

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McLean, VA

Liberal - 7/25/2010

Delaware is getting too liberal in its politics. It was growing nicely as a well known retirement destination. As it leans Left, higher taxes will surely follow which will diminish its attractiveness as a place to live and retire.

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Newark, DE

Traffic congestion and bad drivers - 2/13/2010

We have seen the quality of driving go down over the last decade or so, and the number of people driving on the roads has greatly increased.

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Dover, DE

Delaware Weather - 10/13/2009

If you like to see the seasons change, leaves changing color, mild-moderate winters, light, windy springs and are ok w/ humid summers (including the mosquitoes that come along with it!) then Delaware is the place for you. It's very flat here though, so if you need hills, mountains, etc., you probably would not like it here.

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Newark, DE

the first state - 8/3/2009

delaware was the first state to sign the constitution, so there is a lot of history and culture within the state if you know where to look for it and if that interests you. the beaches are a huge attraction during the summer, but other that that there is not much else that goes on in our little state.

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Newark, DE

Northern Delaware's getting too crowded! - 10/10/2008

There's so much more traffic and noise. We're looking to get out!

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Lewisville, TX

Thinking of moving to Northern Delaware-Questions? - 8/29/2008

I am concerned about quality of schools in Northern Delaware. I will be working in Wilmington. Is it better to live in Penn for the schools? We are very active and like newer homes and communities. Can anyone advise where would be a place to live where you have low crime, newer houses, and quality schools? Thanks

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Whitsett, NC

relocating - 1/13/2008

would like to relocate to delaware,looking for townhome,condos and employment

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Newark, DE

Great potential, but heading the wrong way. - 7/12/2007

I am a transplant, having lived for 18 years in NJ, 9 in OR, and 4 in PA. I live in New Castle County, in Newark. It is a cozy little college town and I was initially attracted to Main Street in Newark for its charm and small-town feel. And the neighborhood I moved to (just outside the U of D) reminds me of the suburb in NJ that I grew up in, as it was then, not overpopulated and overdeveloped the way it is now. Unfortunately, Delaware seems to be trying to do its very best to follow in New Jersey's footsteps and ruin quality of life with uncontrolled development. It is possible for a city/state/county to responsibly plan for future economic prosperity by working hard to attract prosperous employers, plan urban development, preserve historic sites and neighborhoods, and protect wildlife and natural areas. Instead, Delaware is letting real estate developers plow fields and churn out hastily constructed new housing, the public school system is looked down on by most residents, old buildings get bulldozed in favor of condos, and the Dunkin Dounts franchise is just out of control. There's a big box retailer with the usual accompanying chains every few miles and more being built every year. The few things that Delaware could claim as a bonus, are dissapearing. MBNA has been merged. DuPont is downsizing. The idyllic South-of-the-Canal area is now a mish-mash of overpriced housing, new developments levelling more and more of the beautiful green fields, with a crumbling and neglected downtown Middletown and a newly built high school that is already so overcrowded that an additional high school had to be built. I've often thought that the area of 299 running through Middletown had real possibility for a charming downtown - antique shops, beautiful but rickety houses, and a little theater. But obviously the township doesn't think so. The sidewalks are in such disrepair that you can't bike or push a stroller down the street, the streets are a spiderweb of patched blacktop, there's a thriving illegal drug market, and small businesses come and go quickly. Nothing can compete with the ginormous shopping complexes a mile away that are like their own city. And the newest accomplishment? A Wal-Mart! Well, hoo-ray! My husband, who was born and raised here, wants to move away. He wants a better place to raise our son. I am willing to stay here so we can be near my son's grandparents, but it's pretty obvious that there are better places to be. It's r

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Newark, DE

To each it's own - 6/7/2007

Delaware is no where on the radar in terms of culture and activities. There are a paucity of things to do here and it is a place for those who had fun in their life and they are ready to settle down and live the slow life. Of Course there is nothing wrong with that because to each it's own. If you like it , I love it but you are young and looking for a progressive place, Del, a. were? Is not the place.

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Wood-Ridge, NJ

Relocating to Delaware - 3/7/2007

Is the quality of life better in Delaware than in Northern NJ (Bergen County)? Especially for a young family.

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Salt Lake City, UT

where i want to be - 4/17/2006

live in Ut moving to either Pa or De

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Wilmington, DE

prices prices prices - 3/31/2006

It's frustrating about how fast the prices have climbed here--my 1200sq ft ranch has gained 110% equity in 7 years. The problem is that to upgrade, I STILL come out way behind the curve! All the new construction is HUGE with asking prices 375-550k -- who can afford these places?

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Newark, DE

Delaware housing market. - 3/30/2006

I am a veteran real estate agent licensed in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvannia. Specializing in residential listings and sales in New Castle & Kent County De, Cecil & Harford County MD, and southern Chester County PA. I offer a "Satisfaction Guarantee" to all clients. If you sell or buy a property using my services and you feel that I did not do my job completely and accurately I will return my portion of the commission I receive.

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Hockessin, DE

cometode - 3/18/2006

This is a very good state to live in. You should consider relocating if you are looking for a stable family state with great communities.

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